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  • Upper Forming Machine

    XCXYC-QA automatic upper forming machine with digital display

  • Upper Molding Machine

    XCXB-1 automatic oil pressure upper molding machine

  • Vamp Molding Machine

    XCXYC-R automatic vamp hot and cold molding machine

  • Vamp Molding Machine for Shoes

    Technical Parameters:

    Mechanical size

    Electric heating

    Air pressure

    Net weight

    Production capacity
     1500 pair/8hr

  • Vamp Shaping Machine

    Dimension (L*W*H) : 030*850*1660mm

    The capacity of the machine: 2500-3000Pairs/8 Hrs

    Power: 1.8kW

    Voltage: 380V/50Hz

    N.W./G.W. : 280kg/320kg

  • XJ1A1 / Y-25 Hydraulic Gantry Feeder


    This machine is mainly used for blanking single or multiple layers of leather, rubber, plastic, cardboard, fabric, chemical fiber, non-woven fabric and other materials.

    main feature:

    1. The punch can be moved left and right, and the operation field of vision is wide, suitable for multi-layer and wide material cutting.

    2. The punch can move left and right automatically, and it is easy to operate and save time.

    3. In addition, an automatic feeding device can be installed to improve work efficiency.

  • XJ1A1-20 hydraulic swing arm unloading machine


    Suitable for leather, plastic, purses, toys, foam sheets, flooring materials, cork and other cuttings that require die cutting.

    main feature:

    1. The swing arm can swing freely, and the operation sight is optimal, especially suitable for cutting the leather.

    2. Using two-hand operation, it is very safe for employees.

    3. The mutual column is equipped with a self-lubricating system, which does not require manual refueling, which improves the service life of the machine.

    4. The hydraulic system can work in a closed environment in the working environment of the ship.

  • XYHZ Universal Oil Hydraulic Sole Attaching Machine

    XYHZ Universal Oil Hydraulic Sole Attaching Machine

    L 1200 X W700 X H1800 mm

    1.5 kw

    Pneumatic pressure
    20-50 kgf/cm*cm


    2000 pair/8hr