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  • Hydraulic Flower Cutting Machine

    Four-Column Hydraulic Press


    ISO9001, CE



    1 Year

  • hydraulic four-column plane blanking machine XCLP2-350 / 400/500

    1. The guide of up and down movement of the pressure plate adopts four rigid columns, which has better stability and ensures the parallelism of the upper and lower planes.

    2. The four mutual posts and guide bushes adopt a self-lubricating system to improve the service life of the machine.

    3. Double-cylinder and double-rod transmission structure is adopted to ensure the balance at both ends.

    4. The entire machine, except for the mutual column guide bushings, uses special bearings without wear, which prolongs the working time of the machine parts.

    5. Punching force and effective punching area can be customized according to customer requirements.

  • Hydraulic Moving Head Cutting Machine

    The gantry frame structure made of profiled steel has high strength and does not deform.
    The punch can be automatically moved horizontally, the operation sight is excellent, and it is safe and reliable.
    Specially designed hydraulic system with low noise and low oil consumption.
    The lifting position of the pressure plate can be arbitrarily set to reduce idle travel and improve work efficiency.
    The automatic variable speed control of the punch travel enables flexible walking, fast speed, no impact, and accurate positioning.
    The differential oil circuit is adopted for fast and easy punching.
    Special specifications can be customized.

  • Hydraulic Plane Blanking Machine

    main feature:

    1. This machine is widely used for cutting various types of non-metal materials in various industries.

    2. Double oil cylinder and precise double crank connecting rod balance structure ensure the same cutting depth at each cutting position.

    3. Unique setting structure, equipped with cutting knife and cutting depth setting, make stroke adjustment simple and accurate.

    4. The cutting plate automatically cuts slowly when it contacts the cutter, so that there is no dimensional error between the top and bottom layers of the cutting material.

    5. The central oil supply automatic lubrication system ensures the accuracy of the machine and prolongs the service life of the machine.

  • Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine XCLP2-250 / 300


    Suitable for cutting, cutting and cutting of non-metal materials such as leather, plastic, nylon cloth, cardboard, foam and synthetic fiber.

    main feature:

    1. High and low point setting of knife mold, easy, precise and fast adjustment.

    2. Fine adjustment device can get the best stroke and prolong the service life of the die and cutting board.

    3. Simple operation, labor-saving, strong cutting force and low failure rate.

    4. The cutting stroke can be arbitrarily adjusted by the division of 50-1 40mm to cut single or multiple layers.

    5. Each part is equipped with self-lubricating bearings and has a long service life.

  • Hydraulic Shoe Crimping Machine

    Product Specification:

    Product Power: 3,2 KW
    Consumption of Air: 2,2 Lt/Min.
    Dimensions: 105 x 100 x 150 cm
    Machine Weight: 335 kg
    Without Crate Weight: 400 kg
    Weight With Crate: 450 kg

  • Hydraulic Shoe Sole Attaching Machine

     Hydraulic Automatic Shoe Sole Attaching Machine
    Model NO: HX-651B

    Specification: 1200*1280*1920mm

  • hydraulic swing arm blanking machine

    main feature:

    1. The specially designed oil circuit system can easily adjust the height of the swing arm. After changing the height of the die, no adjustment is required.

    2. Fast speed, low energy consumption, power is only 0.75KW, and can output a cutting force of 22T.

    3. In order to adapt to frequent replacement of different sizes of knife molds, there is another model that can output three cutting forces in time.

  • Hydraulic Toe Lasting Machine

    Mechanical size

    Electric heating

    Air pressure

    Net weight

    Production capacity
     1500 pair/8hr

  • Leather Cutting Machine

    Product Specification: 

    Net Power: 22/27 tons
     Swing Beam Width: 500 mm (on request this can be extended to 610 mm)
    Stroke: 100 mm
    Dimensions: 1000 x 500 mm

  • LS-408 conveyor type automatic cutting machine

    main feature:


    This machine is widely used for cutting various types of non-metal materials in various industries.
    It adopts PLC to control the conveyer belt to feed, and it can cut continuously in large batches, saving material and labor costs.
    The input and output of materials are all conveyed on the conveyor belt, and the cutting work is also completed on the conveyor belt.
    The knife mold is fixed by pneumatic clamping device, which is quick and easy to change.

  • LS-578 Automatic Horizontal Rotary Head Cutting Machine

    main feature:


    This machine is widely used for cutting various types of non-metal materials in various industries.
    It adopts PLC control, the rotating head rotates 360 ° C, with high degree of automation and accurate positioning.
    A variety of automatic cutting modes and automatic discharge, convenient operation, saving material and labor costs.
    The automatic discharge conveyor can be docked with other automation devices according to the required process.