precision hydraulic four-column plane blanking machine

Cutting force

1000KN 1200KN 1500KN 1800KN 2000KN

Cutting stroke

50- (165-200) mm (special customizable)

Cutting board area

(1200-1600 × (800-1200) mm (special customizable)
net weight

main feature:

1. This machine is widely used for cutting various types of non-metal materials in various industries. 2. Double oil cylinder and precise double crank connecting rod balance structure ensure the same cutting depth at each cutting position. 3. Unique setting structure, equipped with cutting knife and cutting depth setting, make stroke adjustment simple and accurate. 4. The cutting plate automatically cuts slowly when it contacts the cutter, so that there is no dimensional error between the top and bottom layers of the cutting material. 5. The central oil supply automatic lubrication system ensures the accuracy of the machine and prolongs the service life of the machine. 
6. Optional unilateral or bilateral automatic feeding system, so that the production efficiency of the whole machine mentioned two to three.


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