Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine XCLP2-250 / 300


Suitable for cutting, cutting and cutting of non-metal materials such as leather, plastic, nylon cloth, cardboard, foam and synthetic fiber.

main feature:

1. High and low point setting of knife mold, easy, precise and fast adjustment.

2. Fine adjustment device can get the best stroke and prolong the service life of the die and cutting board.

3. Simple operation, labor-saving, strong cutting force and low failure rate.

4. The cutting stroke can be arbitrarily adjusted by the division of 50-1 40mm to cut single or multiple layers.

5. Each part is equipped with self-lubricating bearings and has a long service life.

Technical Parameters:

Cutting force

250KN 300KN

Cutting area

1600 × 500mm 1600 × 500mm


2.2kw 2.2kw


100mm 100mm

Net Weight

1500kg 1700kg

Mechanical Dimensions

L1850 × W650 × H1330mm L1850 × W650 × H1330mm


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