Hydraulic Moving Head Cutting Machine

The gantry frame structure made of profiled steel has high strength and does not deform.
The punch can be automatically moved horizontally, the operation sight is excellent, and it is safe and reliable.
Specially designed hydraulic system with low noise and low oil consumption.
The lifting position of the pressure plate can be arbitrarily set to reduce idle travel and improve work efficiency.
The automatic variable speed control of the punch travel enables flexible walking, fast speed, no impact, and accurate positioning.
The differential oil circuit is adopted for fast and easy punching.
Special specifications can be customized.

Cutting force

300KN 300KN 300KN 500KN 500KN 500KN

Table area

1600x500mm 1800x500mm 2000x500mm 1600x500mm 1800x500mm 000x500mm

Punch size

500x500mm 500x500mm 500x500mm 500x500mm 500x500mm 500x500mm
Adjustable stroke 5-150mm 5-150mm 5-150mm 5-150mm 5-150mm 5-150mm
main motor power 2.2kw 2.2kw 2.2kw 4.Okw 4.Okw 4.Okw
Machine size L2200xw720xH2000mm L2600xW720xH2000mm L2400xW720xH2000mm
L1050xW1000xH1500mm L2400xw720xH2000mm L2200xW720xH2000mm
L2600xW720xH2000mm L1150xW1200xH1500mm
Weight 1600kg 2100kg 3000kg 3000kg 3800kg 5000kg 


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