Highly Efficient Artificial Flower Machine

Technical data:

Maximum cutting force 350KN 400KN 500KN 600KN 800KN
Stroke 50-(165-200)mm (Speical products can be customized)
Cutting area (800-1800)*(1200-4000)mm
Power 3kw -11kw
Net weight 2100kg -8000kg

Product introduction:

This Highly Efficient Artificial Flower Machine is suitable for the punching operation of the multi-layer fabric (up to 200 layers according to the thickness of the die) for the simulation of the flower industry. The machine adopts hydraulic transmission. The four columns and crankshaft are automatically lubricated with oil, which makes the cutting punch move up and down, automatic feeding and automatic discharging of finished products, and the plane precision reaches 0.3mm.

Product  features:

1. It is suitable for punching and cutting various non-metallic materials in the forming die.

2. The gantry frame structure made of steel has high strength and no deformation.

3. The punch can be automatically traversed, the operation line is good, safe, and reliable.

4. Especially designed hydraulic systems with low noise and low oil consumption.

5. The rising position of the pressure plate can be set arbitrarily, reducing the idle stroke and improving the work efficiency.

6. Punch walking automatic shift control, realize flexible walking, fast speed, no impact, accurate positioning.

7. Using a differential oil circuit, the punching is fast and light.

8. Special specifications can be customized (cutting force, punch size, table size, automatic feeding device, etc.).

Application areas:

Artificial flower crafts industry, wreath industry, etc.


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