Boot Molding Machine

Product Specification:
Boot Molding Machine Size: 670*790*1500mm
N.W/G.W: 290/3300KGS
The pressure of air: 6 Bar

  1. Depth can be adjusted according to the size and leather, You can also adjust the pressure, speed, timing & temperature.
  2.  Depending on the upper curve that is consistent with the last shoe, it will adjust the wiper.
  3.  The Clip device will achieve uniformity of the leather curve, preventing faulty uppers.
  4. The vamp molding machine is dual-purpose, can make double bends, replace the blade, and can make a single bend. (This machine is equipped with three knives).
  5. The robot mechanism is optional, which makes the operation easier and the wrinkles are not easy to wrinkle.


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