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LUO’s Computerized China Artificial Flowers Cutting Machine Manufacturer

LUOSHI machinery is considered one of the leading and high-performance computerized China artificial flowers cutting machine manufacturer and supplier in China. Our highly-advanced equipment is fabricated with the help of CNC devices. The cutting tools we manufacture are user-friendly and do not require a lot of operators for its functions. Our machinery is self-sufficient enough. Out of all our progressive equipment, our customized artificial flowers making machine is one of our most beautiful creations whose role is to spread the beauty around. It cuts different shapes of flowers with myriad materials like paper and cloth, in an innovator way.Read More

  • Artificial Flower Cutting Machine

    Technical data:

    Maximum cutting force
    350KN 400KN 500KN 600KN 800KN

    50-(165-200)mm (Speical products can be customized)

    Cutting area

    3kw -11kw

    Net weight
    2100kg -8000kg