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What is Shoe Lasting? All You Need to Know

By September 28, 2020 No Comments

Shoe lasting is the operation of shoemaking. The machine for shoe lasting sets the final shape of a shoe and keeps it in place so the outsole can be attached permanently. The perfect shoe pattern fits the last firmly. The lasting procedure will stretch the upper a bit, but not so much as to impair the shoe materials. The following are few of the types of these lasting shoe operations that you must need to know about.

Slip Lasting

Slip lasting is the type that makes the most flexible shoes. It is often employed to make lightweight racing or running shoes. Slip lasting is also known as Moccasin type shoe construction. The upper materials of the shoe, mostly polyester and mesh, are left long and patterned to encounter in the mid of the shoe. Once the sides are merged, the upper will be steam-heated, and the last slipped in with the shoe being fastened up in a constricted manner. Subsequently, the upper is cooled so it will constrict before the bottom is attached.

Strobel Construction

Strobel, force, or slip construction, also known as California lasting, is the most prevalent shoe construction for athletic and casual shoes. After the completion of the upper, to close it, a sock or bottom material is added. This material is stiff and is marked so the assembler can hold the upper straight on the last. Like before, as the upper is heated and slipped on, it will be cooled to make the material fit tight. A machine is employed to make sure the heel is down tight. This shoe assembly is used in almost every sports shoe.

Combination Last

The combination last is used to confirm the toe of a shoe is rightly formed to the last. For a shoe with a smooth, hard toe cap, the Strobel sock may be fixed to the interior lining, and a lasting skirt may be left on the toe cap pattern part. Once the upper has lasted, the next machine operation is used to pull the toe pattern part down tight. This shoe construction is often used on basketball shoes with smooth leather toe tips and light hiking boots. Toe lasting lets the leather to be molded with a lasting machine. Another reason to employ the combination last is to make a lightweight shoe rigid.

Board Lasting

Board lasting is a very popular technique used to manufacture military, hiking, hunting boots, or any shoe requiring a firmer bottom and a steel toe. The open upper is positioned into a lasting machine that holds the upper and pulls it down onto the last. In one operation, the shoe lasting machine pulls the upper tight around the last and inoculates glue between the upper and lasting board. The board lasting is generally used for making women fashion shoes.

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