Automatic shoe upper hot and cold
molding machine (double stations)



automatic upper forming machine with
digital display



Is suitable for cutting and cutting of
non-metallic materials

Leading Full Automatic Cutting Machine Manufacturer

LUOSHI machinery is one of the leading and demanding full automatic cutting machine and swing arm cutting machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We are considered the top-notch online distributor of cutting, molding, vamping, and forming machines for the last 20 years. We are the most experienced in this field and are well-renowned to work according to the latest advancements. Also, we are one of the pioneers of the wholesale online full automatic cutting machine supplier that deals with the CNC automation control technology. LUOSHI machinery was inaugurated in 1998 and now covers an extended area of 15,000 square meters. After our foundation, we soon gained popularity worldwide because of our hard work and team effort.

What We Do

20 Years Focused On Machine Making Industry

We have more than 20 years of experience in the machine making industry such as upper molding machine, vamp molding machine and upper forming machines. Our manufactured machines are most demading in the international market.

We have domestic and international business of upper molding machine, vamp molding machine and upper forming machines.

We have an expeience and professional engineer’s team which is responsible for manufacturing the high performanced machines according to your requirements.

Quality comes first for us that why our manufactured every product fulfills all customer and industy requirements.

Our products

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  • Sole Pressing and Attaching Machine

    Sole Pressing and Attaching Machine

    Model Number: LM-228
    Dimensions of Model: 710*710*1750mm
    Product Packaging: 810*810*1850mm
    Net Weight: 590kg
    Gross Weight: 650kg

  • Automatic Shoe Sole Attaching Machine

    Model:                                    LM-228
    Product Dimension:                    710*710*1750mm
    Packaging:                 810*810*1850mm
    Net Weight:                                590kg
    Gross Weight:                                  650kg
    Production Capacity                       2000 pairs/8h

  • Single Head Sole Attaching Machine

    L1810×W900×H880 mm

    2.2 kw

    20-50 kgf/cm2

    Net Weight
    1430 kg

    Production Capability
    2000 pair/8hr.

  • Boot Sole Attaching Machine

    Product Name: Boot Sole Attaching Machine

    Power: 3HP

    Net Weight: 1200kg

    Oil Pressure: 40kg/ cm2

Meet the Premier China Full Automatic Cutting Machine Supplier

LUOSHI Machinery Co., Ltd is a well-renowned brand of China that manufactures high-precision automatic cutting machines. With myriad years of experience, we have now become a pro full automatic cutting machine manufacturer of China. We have always taken special care of maintaining the international standards while manufacturing of our high-tech machines. Also, the superior swing arm cutting machine supplier has all the certifications that prove our worth in the global market. We have always introduced our clients with the most novel machinery so that they can benefit their business the most.Read More

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What is Automatic Cutting Machine?

The automatic shoe cutting machine is a high-performance and durable device that uses an innovative blade cutting procedure. It offers various cutting sizes and widths for executing unique designing efficiently.

What are Cutting Machines Used For?

The shoe cutting machines are used for their accurate and efficient blade cutting techniques. It can create stylish drawings on shoe-fabric and can perform all of its tasks with increased productivity. Cutting machines help execute delicate outlining on the shoe to make it look appealing.

What is Swing Arm Cutting Machine?

The swing arm cutting machine employs clicker presses to cut shoe-fabric in desired shapes and sizes thoroughly. It is a safe operating machine that uses an electro-hydraulic to perform various shoe-cutting functions. A swing arm cutting machine also has a stroke adjustment feature to assist in unique cutting methods.